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Omni Advertising Named 3rd Largest Advertising Agency In South Florida

Boca Raton, FL (July 10, 2009) – Omni Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with more than 65 clients nationwide, has just been named by South Florida Business Journal’s annual list as the 3rd Largest Advertising Agency in South Florida for 2008. Omni’s clients include South Florida Honda Dealers, Tri-County Acura Dealers, Broward County Schools, Florida Panthers, Celsius and more. Omni has built its success on developing award-winning creative campaigns that achieve maximum and immediate results for their clients.

Omni Advertising is, by far, the youngest company cited in the South Florida Business Journal’s Largest Advertising Agencies for 2008. In the top five, the four other agencies listed were founded between 24 and 35 years ago. Omni was founded only 8 years ago with just 26 employees. What catapulted Omni so quickly was the success of campaigns such as the “Gotta Get It” jingle for the South Florida Honda Dealers. It was incorporated into all advertising done for this group in both Spanish and English and is well known (and hummed often) by all of South Florida.

Omni was built by Founder and CEO Ken Hudson as a results-oriented agency where every dollar spent by a client is based on immediate results through internet leads, direct response and lead marketing. This philosophy of creating immediate results, along with cutting edge creative and savvy media planning propelled Omni Advertising from 0 to 190 million in gross billing in only 5 years. Omni’s current client roster includes 30% of the top 50 largest mega car dealerships in the U.S.

With such tremendous success in the auto arena, Omni is taking their proven platform to other industries like the Broward County School District, Celsius, and the Florida Panthers. It is the agency’s desire to add a wide variety of clients including hospitality, tourism, and others.

The newly opened Omni Advertising West Coast division in Los Angeles is focusing on targeted online and digital retail solutions for clients. Because of the great production talent that resides in Los Angeles, Omni’s West Coast division is equipped to propel any type of industry.