If you've been hopping around from ad agency website to ad agency website you'll notice some similarities.  First, a lot of them employ a Flash animation that slows down your computer. Secondly, these websites throw around the term "full service advertising agency." But what does that really mean? At Omni, we'll create a campaign, produce the spots, place the media, give it a nice PR push, make it mobile, and even have consumers interact with it.

You can call Omni a full service ad agency, but we'd prefer if you'd call us for all of your marketing needs.

Creative Services
Speaks to consumers in a language that elicits a response and a reaction.

Our Creative Director and copywriters are always hatching new ideas, campaigns and marketing plans with out of the box, in the box and through the box thinking.

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Media Services
Finds the sweet spot between the target audience and your produce and service.

With over a combined $309,000,000 in media buying, Omni knows a thing or two about getting your company seen. We'll stretch your dollar to the fullest and get maximum results.

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Production Services
Ignites the imagination while carefully capturing the audience's attention.

Omni's in-house art department and production studio bring our ideas to life. A broad range of palettes, graphics and styles illuminate our client's presence in the consumer's mind.

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Mobile Services
Connects the always on the go consumer with your product or service.

Texting, WAP sites, mobile campaigns; your cell phone is the next revolution in marketing. Don't believe mobile is relevant? Think about this, when was the last time you left your mobile phone at home? Exactly.

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Paves the two way street in the customer and company relationship.

Every day, the means by which consumers collect and process information is evolving. It’s important to have a digital team with the industry knowledge and experience to know how to implement the strategy that leads to your success.

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Public Relations Services
Buys credibility that advertising can't, without costing a cent on placement.

If word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, then PR is the king of WOM. It's WOM to the masses and it comes at such a small cost. With marketing dollars tight, now's the time to reach out to the media.

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